2018 Food Fight

On May 6th 2018, the Embassy of Denmark and ADBC member Systematic helped pack meals to feed more than 800 children for a year. The 2018 Food Fight is a meal-packing event with the aim to pack and distribute food to people in developing nations coordinated by the non-profit organization Feed My Starving Children.

Systematic and Embassy staff joined a session in Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, Virginia, which hosted over 1000 volunteers. The volunteers hand-packed scientifically formulated meals for undernourished children and the expectation was to pack over a million meals to El Salvador and Haiti.

Kerstie Sherman from Feed my Starving Children explains the concept of the day:

“So our food is four ingredients. Vitamins, veggies, soy and rice. It is a complete meal for a child who is malnourished. And so, what the volunteers do is to scoop those four ingredients into a bag, the bag gets weighed, the bag gets sealed, put into a box, 36 bags in a box and that is 216 meals. Then our warehouse comes and picks it up, puts in on a pallet. Once a pallet is completed with 36 boxes, that’s what’s loaded onto trucks or sea containers and send to the countries where our distribution partners are receiving the food.”