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Membership Benefits

  • ADBC is the only American-Danish business organization in the US with a high percentage of American business members and with a nationwide scope.
  • Major Danish and US companies with large-scale business links to Denmark are typically members of the American-Danish Business Council (ADBC). Members are typically CEO/President or Vice President.
  • In addition to networking events, direct contacts between members are facilitated on a case-by-case basis by ADBC.
  • ADBC has taken the lead in expanding cooperation and networking between the American-Danish business organizations in the US and their members.

Unique relationship between ADBC members and the Embassy

  • The secretariat of ADBC is managed by the Danish embassy in Washington DC. The Danish ambassador is closely involved in ADBC as co-chairman.
  • ADBC members are primary business contacts of the Danish ambassador and the Danish embassy. Through membership, ADBC members enjoy an immediate access to the embassy’s services, information, and network in the US and in Denmark.

Free participation in ADBC events

  • Founding/sponsoring members receive invitations for up to five company representatives to each ADBC event. Other members receive invitations for up to two company representatives. Some events are reserved for founding/sponsoring members.
  • In addition, members can typically invite a customer, a business partner, etc.
  • Apart from ADBC events, members are invited to various embassy events.

Services from the secretariat/embassy

  • Members have access to free services (information, counseling, practical assistance) from the ADBC secretariat/the embassy.
  • Founding/sponsoring and corporate members are offered ten and five hours, respectively, of such free services per year.

Political & bureaucratic leverage

  • Through ADBC, the members have a voice with access to American and Danish government bodies. This also includes member specific cases like customs, visa, product approval, etc.

Contacts and meeting assistance

  • The ADBC secretariat and the Danish embassy assist members with establishing contacts and setting up meetings with both the US and Danish government authorities as well as with companies and organizations where access is restricted. Upon request from members , the embassy can participate in such meetings.


  • Through promotion materials, the ADBC website, events and personal contacts, ADBC and the embassy work to increase visibility of its members vis-à-vis other companies and government bodies. Founding/sponsoring members have a special profile on the ADBC website as well as in other ADBC promotional materials.

Member events – including events at the embassy

  • ADBC helps organize networking events and functions for members, using ADBC’s and the embassy’s tools to attract guests and speakers.
  • ADBC offers members the possibility of using the embassy at no costs for such events.

For more information or to become a member, please contact: