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AASHE Conference and Expo

AASHE Conference and Expo

The Danish District Energy Alliance was represented at this year’s AASHE Conference and Expo

On October 25-28, representatives of the Danish District Energy Alliance (DDEA) participated in The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education’s (AASHE) annual conference and expo in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The objective of the trip was to advance the knowledge on one of the alliance’s key segments—American universities. Several great leads for ongoing projects at universities were brought forward, together with initial talks on further cooperation with a number of other relevant stakeholders of sustainability in higher education.

Since the DDEA was established as part of the Trade Council at the Danish Embassy in the United States in collaboration with prominent and pioneering Danish companies within district energy, the alliance have focused a great deal of resources on cooperating with American universities. Thus, the conference represented great opportunities to sense the development within a key segment and broaden the awareness of the DDEA’s presence in the US.

The annual AASHE Conference & Expo brought together emerging and advanced sustainability professionals, senior leaders, students, faculty, staff and businesses a four-day conference to discuss campus sustainability innovations. With over 2,000 attendees, the conference facilitated workshops, case studies, panel discussions and keynote addresses to support the advancement of sustainability in higher education. The conference was well structured, and the DDEA gained a lot from participating.

Through the four-day conference, the DDEA extended the understanding of the work that is currently done within institutions of higher education to change the face of sustainability on campus areas and surroundings in the US. The DDEA now continues to promote Danish solutions within district energy at American universities with its improved knowledge on sustainability plans in higher education.