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ADBC Annual Meeting 2014

ADBC Annual Meeting 2014

The American-Danish Business Council’s Annual Meeting was held on the Danish Frigate HDMS NIELS JUEL on the 13th of November.

The Embassy of Denmark, the American-Danish Business Council and Naval Team Denmark collaborated on the reception and tour of the ship between. Commander Senior Grade Lars Holbæk and the Ambassador of Denmark in the US Peter Taksøe-Jensen welcomed the guests and introduced the keynote speaker, The Honorable Dennis McGinn, Assistant Secretary of the Navy. Assistant Secretary McGinn spoke of the Navy’s commitment to energy and the environment and greatly lauded the way the Danish Navy buildsships for less money. As a former deputy chief of Naval Operations, the Assistant Secretary commented in a positive way that it is always a pleasure to be aboard a ship. He talked of the US Navy’s Green Fleet which was powered by a 50/50 mix of biofuels and oil. The Green Fleet will hopefully be sailing again within the next two years. (For more on the Green Fleet see Forbes, July 19, 2012., (

The reception provided an opportunity for guests to enjoy Danish food and drink. Guests were offered a guided tour of the ship — including exhibits by the companies from Naval Team Denmark and Copenhagen Solutions.

With approximately 200 people attending, the ship’s hanger deck was filled and all seemingly had a wonderful evening.

All the members present received a ballot and voted on the issues below: -Benjamin Walker as the treasurer for a term of two years (approved) -Requests that the Board can call the Annual Meeting in the second half of the year and not only in November/December (approved)

McGinn speaking