ADBC Co-Chair, Steve Williams

ADBC Board Meeting

On Friday Dec 11 2020, Danish Ambassador to the U.S., H.E. Lone Wisborg, hosted the annual Board meeting in the American-Danish Business Council to discuss the ADBC going forward. Unlike other years, this board meeting was conducted virtually.

Here are some of the highlights from the board meeting:

Danish businesses in the U.S. have performed well this year despite the pandemic
Despite the continual Covid situation and implications hereof for the duration of 2020, Danish exports to the U.S. has gone up significantly through 2020 so far. In particular, health and pharmaceuticals has been contributing to the developments. The Danish companies have done better than initially expected – even better than 2019 which was already a great year in the bilateral economic relationship. We are optimistic for 2021 despite all the uncertainties we are facing.

2020 was the year ADBC went virtual
It has been a quite unusual year in the operations of the ADBC with Covid-19 continuing to interfere with our activities. Yet, still we have managed to achieve access and engagement for the members of the council through a strengthened virtual presence. The virtual events and briefings with high-level stakeholders have been well received and is a format that we should continue to utilize, also in none-Covid-19 times. Being virtual provides the added benefits of extending our outreach for the platform beyond the physical boundaries of the DC area.  However, while virtual events are great for shorter sessions with focused scope, our continued priority is to support the members of the ADBC through high-level physical events and receptions. When possible and safe to do so, the ADBC will start to host physical activities supplemented with virtual presence.

ADBC are positioned to take on 2021
Due to continued restrictions going into 2021, the ADBC will focus on virtual events in the first part of the year. We hope to be able to host the annual flagships event (Constitution Day Celebration in June and Christmas reception in December.) We will also focus on more engagement with the Congressional Friends of Denmark Caucus that are to be relaunched in the beginning of 2021. With a new U.S. Administration to be formed as well a new Congress, 2021 will be an interesting year for the ADBC. Through financial savings on activities as well as reduced rate from the Embassy this year and continuing through 2021, the council is in a good place financially to provide high impact value to the members of the network. Should members have any ideas or suggestions for activities, you are welcome to contract the ADBC secretariat.