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ADBC supports Claus Meyer’s Social Development program

ADBC supports Claus Meyer’s Social Development program

ADBC members participated in the Fundraising Event on March 1st at the occasion of the launch of the “Dining with Design” concept and the fundraising event in support of the Brownsville Community Culinary Center

To start off the night, Ambassador Lars Lose gave the opening remarks, followed by a stirring speech by Claus Meyer. Over a 100 guests listened and were visibly moved by the motivation and thoughts behind the Brownsville initiative. To raise funds for the initiative a silent auction was held, with seats for a dinner with both Ambassador Lars Lose and Claus Meyer being auctioned off. The dinner will use the new “Dining with Design” collection and feature a menu curated by Claus Meyer and prepared by celebrity chef Kwame Onwuachi. That guests were visibly moved by Claus Meyer’s speech and the interest in supporting the initiative was overwhelming.

About the Brownsville Project

The Brownsville Community Culinary Center is the newest social initiative from Claus Meyer, the cofounder of world renowned restaurant Noma and founder of the Great Northern Food Hall in Grand Central Terminal, New York. The initiative is a community center, which will include a neighborhood eatery in Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York City. When it opens, the eatery will be the only table-service restaurant in the community. The educational program will be free of charge for the neighborhood’s young residents, who will undergo a 40-week apprenticeship-based culinary training program, financial literacy, and externships with job-placement upon graduation.

About Dining with Design

As part of the ”Art in Embassy” initiative, where 37 works of art by various Danish artists are displayed around the Ambassador Residence, the “Dining with Design” seeks to bring the artists to the dinner table. “Dining with Design” consists of tableware, cutlery, vases and table-cloths created by Danish designers and craftsmen. A collection that will be used for future official dining events at the Embassy.