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ADBC employs new Administrative Assistant

ADBC employs new Administrative Assistant

Introducing ADBCs new Administrative Assistant

It is our pleasure to introduce Mie Bjerregaard, ADBC’s new part-time assistant, who will help facilitate the continued growth of the organisation. Mie Bjerregaard will primarily be handling billing and back-end operations. As we grow as an organization, increasing our back-end operations capabilities has been an important focus. This is to ensure we continue to have the capacity to provide valuable events and support for our members.

Together with the Executive Secretary Lina Gandløse Hansen and trainee Christian Mørch Frederiksen, the ADBC Secretariat will continuously work to developing and strengthening the membership platform in ADBC. Finally, the Secretariat collaborates closely with the Treasurer Ben Walker and Bay Business Group for bookkeeping functions.


Please do not hesitate to contact ADBC at if you have any questions.