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ADBC hosts Presidential Pre-election Briefing for members

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ADBC hosts Presidential Pre-election Briefing for members

On October 22, the American-Danish Business Council hosted a member-only briefing on the 2020 presidential election. Many ADBC members had tuned from both the US and Denmark for this virtual event weeks before the election will take place.

The Danish Ambassador to the US, Lone Wisborg, greeted all guests welcome and introduced the ADBC’s new Executive Secretary, Mr. Jacob Vind.

Mr. Vind – a quite familiar face in the North American Region having served as the Consul General at the Danish Consulate in Houston since 2018, then proceeded by introducing himself to the ADBC network, expressing his excitement and eagerness to work with the council and to support its objective of facilitating the transatlantic economic relations and engagement between the US and Denmark.

The Ambassador then moved on to provide her throughs and outlook toward the future in a Biden I / Trump II Scenario, where many topics such as the pandemic, green agenda, trade and foreign policy among other thing were addressed. Afterwards, members had the opportunity to ask questions.

Finally, we had the great pleasure of having Mr. Alec Tyson, Ass. Dir. at PEW Research Center joining us for a very informative and data driven analysis of key trends on US public opinions on central issues in relation to the upcoming election.

Thank you all for participating and see you next time.