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ADBC presents the award: Transatlantic Company of the year

ADBC presents the award: Transatlantic Company of the year

The American Danish Business Council, in a new initiative, is partnering with AmCham in Denmark to announce the 2015 Transatlantic Company of the Year. The Danish Transatlantic Company of the Year recognizes the importance, contributions and positive impact of Danish companies actively investing in the United States. The award is presented annually in order to highlight the importance of the economic ties between the United States and Denmark and to celebrate business excellence by a Danish company in arguably the most competitive market in the world.

Criteria The Transatlantic Company of the Year is awarded to a registered Danish company invested in the U.S. that has demonstrated significant achievements within the United States, in one or more of the following areas:

  • Growth: Relative growth in turnover, employees or profitability in USA
  • Investment: Significant investments in R&D, new facilities or acquisitions in USA
  • Partnerships: Strategic partnerships in USA, with organizations, companies or government agencies
  • Innovation: Development/implementation of an innovative solution in USA
  • CSR/Sustainability: CSR programs in the USA & how they increase overall sustainability

Previous winners include: Lundbeck (2014) Terma (2013) Novozymes (2012) Grundfos (2011)  The Jury

In order to ensure complete impartiality in the selection process, AmCham’s Board of Directors has appointed an independent jury of distinguished business leaders to evaluate the applications and select the winner.


Nomination Process 1. Pre – Nomination: Submit a ½ page statement on why your company should win this award (By January 29, 2015) to Therese Oliver at This should include some basic facts, such as turnover and number of employees in the U.S./Globally

  1. Finalists: If selected to be a finalist, you will be notified by February 5, 2015. You will then be given a final detailed nomination form to complete.

Finalists must submit their final detailed nomination forms by February 25, 2015.


Announcement of the winner will take place on March 17, 2015, at the Transatlantic Business Summit following the AmCham’s Annual General Meeting, at Maersk Headquarters in Copenhagen.