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ADYP – a network for young professionals in the US

ADYP – a network for young professionals in the US

Do you want to join a social and professional network to share your interest in Denmark and American-Danish relations?

American-Danish Young Professionals, ADYP, is an organization for people under the age of 35, who have a relation to Denmark. Some are Danes working in the US, some are Americans who have been on exchange in Denmark, some work for Danish companies located in the US and some just have a great interest in Denmark and Scandinavia.

Mads Kampp Christiansen, President of American-Danish Young Professionals, says: “We want to create an opportunity for Danes and Americans with an interest in Scandinavia to come together, visit exciting organizations and companies, learn about Danish-American relations as well as joining social events and expand their network.”

American-Danish Young Professionals is associated with the American-Danish Business Council,

“We are very happy for our relation to the embassy and the member companies of American-Danish business Council. I believe this relation is beneficial for both the members of our network, for the companies in American-Danish Business Council as well as the general relations between Denmark and the United States,” says President Mads Kampp Christiansen.

The network arrange tours, corporate events and social after work get togethers. In April the network will host a kick-off at the Danish Embassy, joined by Deputy Chief of Mission, Lars Bo Møller, among others. In May the network will visit IMF and Executive Director, Thomas Ostros, who represents the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Furthermore, the network arranges some quarterly social events together with their Scandinavian sister organizations in the Swedish and Norwegian Chambers of Commerce.

You can read more about the network and become a member here: