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American-Danish Business Council in discussion with the Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation

American-Danish Business Council in discussion with the Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation

The Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation, Mogens Jensen, visited Washington, D.C. and New York April 9-16. In Washington the Minister discussed the progress of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations with the U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman and Chairman of the Trade Sub-Committee in the House of Representatives, Republican Davin Nunes.

The Minister also participated in a working dinner with the members of the American-Danish Business Council and discussed the new export strategy for the US and the Transatlantic Trade Agreement potential with the members.

During his visit the Minister talked about his efforts to increase Danish exports to the United States: “my contribution is the launch of a new export strategy for the US with 23 concrete initiatives within export, investment and innovation. With these initiatives we will: strengthen the Trade Council in the US; strengthen the branding of Denmark in the US market; launch new export promotions activities in the US; establish more strategic alliances between Danish companies; strengthen our efforts to attract US investments to Denmark; and strengthen our cooperation on innovation with US partners. With these efforts and the new business opportunities, it is my ambition to expand our exports to the US by 25 percent by the end of 2016”.

In regard to particularly interesting opportunities for Danish companies within the US market, the Minister said that: “we are seeing new trends in the US market that match Danish expertise and knowhow.  Take the growing challenges for water supplies, which call for better technology.  Take healthy and organic food, which is becoming an important issue for both government and consumers.  Or take the new opportunities within oil and gas, healthcare, ICT, design or shipping.”

Finally on the potential of an ambitious Transatlantic Trade Agreement the Minister commented that: “strengthening trade and investment is the way out of the financial crisis. An agreement between the EU and US will be a crucial lever for our economies at a time when there is still a great need to create growth and jobs. An ambitious agreement will not only create new jobs, but an overall increase in salaries and lowered prices on consumer goods that citizens in both the EU and the US will benefit directly from”.