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Applause to the “Nordic Approach”

Applause to the “Nordic Approach”

In a new book, released by Center for Transatlantic Relations at SAIS Johns Hopkins University, “Nordic Ways” are celebrated. Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Finland have proved to hold clues for solving challenges of the modern world. The book contains several essays written by leading decision-makers from the five countries who reflect upon the Nordic Way in terms of business, culture, education, environment, social life, security, and politics.

In the United States there is a growing interest in approaching things the “Nordic Way”, and despite their small size, the Nordic countries have gained remarkable influence in the Unites States. The “Nordic Ways” book explores the underlying factors that cause this influence but it also emphasizes challenges to this Nordic approach.

The Manager of Center for Transatlantic Relations, András Simonyi writes in the foreword of the book that “These seemingly small countries have been pouring out ideas as well as practical solutions for the last fifty years. Their no nonsense, down to earth, self-critical and pragmatic approaches can be traced back to their culture, their past struggles, their fight with the elements and the understanding that democracy, tolerance, diversity and acceptance combined with healthy competition and care for the most vulnerable is the right mix”.

The “Nordic Ways” book is developed by a group of people from the Nordic countries who wish to provide insight into what it means to be Nordic and how Nordic contribution can solve global issues. The book was launched in Washington D.C. at an event in October, where the topic of discussion was ‘The Power of Design and Innovation in the Nordic Countries’.

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