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Creative Christmas is here!

Creative Christmas is here!





This year marks the 10th anniversary of Creative Christmas at the Embassy of Denmark, an ideal opportunity to celebrate what is quintessential Danish – our healthy life style!

Denmark is renowned for its cycling culture, strong renewable energy focus, and ambitious climate targets as well as organic farming, a farm-to-table approach to eating, sustainable food production to produce more with less food waste, and investment in healthcare to eliminate lifestyle diseases.

We wish to use the Creative Christmas platform to promote this lifestyle to an American audience. Therefore we invite Danish companies within these sectors to join us in this unique concept called Creative Christmas spanning over two evenings.

Creative Christmas offers an opportunity for companies to increase brand value and product positioning in the US market. Attracting more than 800 high-level guests from the Washington D.C. area, the two evening events give companies access to network with influential stakeholders. Last year more than 60% of the guests were US government officials who were joined by representatives from international organizations, think-tanks, educational institutions and cultural organizations.

The embassy will stage a unique ‘experience-event’ for its guests on December 9 – 10th allowing them to interact with sponsoring companies throughout these two evenings of networking hosted by Denmark’s new Ambassador, Lars Lose. Over the past years, we have been able to strengthen the Creative Christmas brand to such an extent that the event is mentioned in both US national and Danish Media.

We will partner with an established local Washington, DC food bank to give back to our local community, and support local efforts to enlist a healthy lifestyle approach in children and youth.

Members of the American Danish Business Council will have the opportunity to sponsor Creative Christmas – for more information please contact Mary Paul Smith Jespersen at:, tel: 202-797-5373