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Danfoss: moving forward in the US

Danfoss: moving forward in the US

Danfoss is a privately-held global company focused on climate and energy-efficient solutions — reducing operating costs and CO2 emissions as well as saving energy. Globally, Danfoss has net sales of over $6 Billion with sales companies in 47 countries. The US represents about 20 percent of Danfoss’ sales and, as such, is the largest single country market. Danfoss’ US headquarters are located in Baltimore, MD.

Danfoss has 11 facilities in the US manufacturing components of heating and cooling equipment, refrigeration equipment, industrial components, and solutions for powering mobile machinery.

Since 1992, when Danfoss was virtually unknown in North America, it has grown at an average rate of 19 percent per year! This achievement comes through organic growth as well as acquired growth. Since Danfoss sells largely to OEMs of heating and cooling equipment, shipments have reflected the ebb and flow of the building sector during times of recession. Nonetheless, Danfoss has captured a growing market share due to its ability to anticipate market trends and to serve those needs.

One of the important trends in heating and cooling equipment has been the push for more efficient products. This is due, in part, to rising energy prices but more so due to federal appliance efficiency regulations. For example, air conditioners sold in the southern US next year will use 40 percent less energy than those sold 10 years ago. Danfoss produces advanced components that help improve HVAC efficiency such as electronic expansion valves, mircochannel heat exchangers and variable speed compressors.

Another industry trend is the movement towards more environmentally friendly refrigerants. Most of today’s refrigerants are greenhouse gases which are being phased down or completely phased out under international treaties. Europe has been ahead of the US in these phasedowns and Danfoss has been an industry leader in the transition to new refrigerants there. Here in the US, Danfoss has also been a leader, helping its OEM customers find low GWP refrigerant solutions for tomorrow’s equipment, including CO2 and hydrocarbons.

Danfoss is the market leader or, at least, in the top three for every product line it sells in the US. According to Mark Menzer, Director of Public Affairs, Danfoss: “We have invested to develop products specific to the unique requirements of North America customers. Further, Danfoss is regarded as a thought leader in the industries it serves. Danfoss executives seek leadership positions in our industry trade associations. Each year, we hold a series of industry symposia in which influential opinion leaders are invited to participate in timely presentations and discussions addressing the major issues in our industry.”

“Danfoss also maintains a relationship with our federal legislators, inviting them to visit our facilities and keeping them informed of the issues that matter most to us. As an industry that is highly regulated, we also maintain a close watch on federal and state agencies.”

“While a global company, Danfoss is especially attuned to the North American market and our activities here have a distinctly North American flavor.”