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Danish Companies Looking for Green Orders from the American Military

Danish Companies Looking for Green Orders from the American Military

The American Military is the world’s largest energy consumer with a consumption of more than 300,000 tons of oil daily. Yearly, the US Military uses 600 billion Danish Kroner on energy or approximately $1.4 billion. Every time the price of oil rises by $1, the American Military’s energy bill rises by approximately $125,500,000.

Therefore, the US Military has implemented a series of green initiatives within energy efficiency and renewable energy to reduce their energy consumption and stabilize their energy costs.

There are significant business opportunities for Danish companies in the Green sector. Danish companies visited the American Military in order to investigate these potential opportunities. DI and the Danish Embassy in Washington invited a series of Danish companies to visit various US Military bases.

The companies visited the Pentagon, a Navy base in Virginia, an Air Force base in Delaware and an Army base in North Carolina. The companies were briefed on the bases’ development planes and were also able to showcase their products. The aim of the visits was to create awareness of Danish cleantech solutions and, ultimately, pave the way for sales to the American Military. Roxul, one of the companies taking part in the trip, sees a significant potential in making the Military’s buildings more energy efficient.

The current goal is to have 25 percent of energy use coming from renewable energy by 2025. Today the military produces 384 megabytes from renewable sources. In 2018, the capacity will rise to 2.1 gigawatts. Moreover, the Air Force will increase the use of biofuels to 50 percent by 2016 while the Navy will reduce the use of oil by 15 percent by 2020.

Investments in large renewable energy projects, like wind and solar, on American Military bases is expected to grow by 2030 from 7 billion Danish Kroner or approximately $ 1.2 Billion to 60 Billion Danish Kroner or approximately $10 Billion per year.

At the same time, the military is investing billions of dollars in energy efficiency on the bases and the recycling of water and waste. By 2020, six US Military bases will be energy neutral and twelve bases will recycle their waste water and trash.

Many of the companies on the tour are members or potential members of ADBC and there are many opportunities for ADBC members in this area.

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