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Danish District Heating entering the US

Danish District Heating entering the US

The US is still one of the largest consumers of energy in the world and the interest for energy efficiency has increasingly become a topic for Danish companies. Thus, there are good opportunities for Danish companies which supply energy solutions, which are both sustainable and efficient, like district heating.

The Danish District Energy Alliance has been established with an overall objective to facilitate a dedicated effort in providing Danish solutions within district energy to support increasingly sustainable and resilient energy generation in the US.

District energy remains the backbone of the Danish energy supply as Denmark continues as a pioneer in adjusting to environmental changes with technological and innovative solutions. As of today, 63 per cent of the Danish population obtains their heating from district heating, with a goal of reaching 75 per cent within a few of years. These impressive numbers are, in no small part, due to the Danish district energy industry being a world leader in its field. which continuously strives to develop its state of the art technologies and solutions.

Interested Danish companies now have the opportunity to partake in a strategic sales alliance focusing on selling district heating to the American market. The Sales Alliance will, through a coordinated approach, promote Danish solutions to the US. In particular small and medium sized Danish companies with expertise within biomass have a great potential in the American market and within the sales alliance. The goal of the alliance is to establish and secure specific district heating projects for Danish companies.

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