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Danish Solutions to Sustainability: An ADBC / Wirth Chair Extended Learning Trip

Danish Solutions to Sustainability: An ADBC / Wirth Chair Extended Learning Trip

In May 2015, the American-Danish Business Council in partnership with the Wirth Chair in Sustainable Development at the University of Colorado Denver will offer an extended learning trip to Denmark. This trip will engage participants regarding Denmark’s innovative solutions to energy and environmental issues. The purpose of the trip will be to educate participants and to think about adapting some of Denmark’s solutions to sustainability issues in the US and other parts of the world. We welcome members of ADBC or others you may think would benefit from this experience – for instance, potential business partners or clients.

The week-long trip will include visits to several sites throughout the country, including Kalundborg Symbiosis, where various industrial facilities work together to use the waste products from one process for the benefit of others, and Samsø Island, where 100% of electricity and about 70% of heat comes from renewable sources.

Tentative Itinerary

Sunday, May 17 – arrive Copenhagen

Monday, May 18 – activities in Copenhagen

Tuesday, May 19 – visit Kalundborg en route to Samsø Island

Wednesday, May 20 – activities on Samsø Island, transfer to Odder

Thursday, May 21 – activities in Arhus, transfer to Thisted

Friday, May 22 – activities in Thisted

Saturday, May 23 – transfer to Odense, activities in Odense, return to Copenhagen

Sunday, May 24 – depart for US

To register for the trip, or for more information and cost of the tour, please contact Jennifer Kagan ( or Mary Paul Smith Jespersen (