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Danish Veterans Run the Marine Corps Marathon

Danish Veterans Run the Marine Corps Marathon

On October 22nd, the Danish Team Veteran proved that true companionship is the key to overcome the toughest obstacles. The society for Danish veterans gathered in Washington DC to overcome yet another challenge, the annual Marine Corps Marathon. After the marathon, the Ambassador hosted a barbecue at the residence to show his gratitude to the dedication of the veterans.

As a sign of the great strength it takes to overcome both physical as well as psychological injuries, all ‘Team Veteran’ participants crossed the finish line and completed the 26.2 mile marathon. The team consisted of 30 veterans, all carrying mental injuries after serving the Danish army, as well as 20 assistants. The day ended at the residence of the Danish Embassy ​​where Ambassador Lars Gert Lose hosted a well-deserved barbecue. The following day, all veterans visited the Lockheed Martin’s Fighter Demonstration Center in Crystal City, Virginia where the company showed the technologies of the F-35 aircraft. The veterans got the opportunity to try the simulator as well as the advanced helmet for the plane. Lockheed Martin has been a key sponsor for the Danish veterans through several years, which is greatly appreciated by the veteran society.

Team Veteran is a Danish organization aiming to help veterans with physical and mental injuries. The community of Danish veterans engage through sports, companionship, and social gatherings. Since 2010, the organization has participated in the annual Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC, as well as several other events in Denmark. Team Veteran also works closely with public rehabilitation offers, as well as activities financed by private investors.

Hear more on how two Danish veterans value Team Veteran as a way to combat and overcome the mental injuries through their running club in training for the marathon: