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Four of Denmark’s Most Vital Sectors in the U.S.

Four of Denmark’s Most Vital Sectors in the U.S.

Within the sectors of healthcare, sustainability, agriculture & food and maritime we find some of Denmark’s most significant companies on the U.S. market. Below you will get to know a bit more about the four sectors.

In the U.S., the largest of the four esectors is the healthcare sector, which accounts for 25 percent of all Danish export to the U.S. and is estimated to constitute a 20 percent share of Danish GDP in 2024. Thereby, the healthcare sector is highly integrated in the Danish economy with an export sum representing a value of $3.7 billion.

The demand for Danish innovative green solutions is continuously increasing in the U.S., which is why the sustainability sector is vital as well when promoting Danish trade in the U.S. Danish companies within the field of sustainability have proven that green development and economic growth walk hand-in-hand. In the U.S., it has become evident that Danish companies are among the best to deliver innovative solutions for renewable energy.

Thanks to a high shipping quality, safety and environmental protection, and a strong commercial competitiveness, Denmark is home to a large maritime cluster, which makes the maritime sector pivotal for Denmark. Danish maritime companies account for approximately 24 percent of Denmark’s total export and the U.S. is the second largest market for Danish shipping. On average, a Danish operated ship enters an American port more than 3,000 times a year.

With a market of 315 million consumers, the U.S. represents a great potential for the Danish agriculture & food sector. Focus on quality food, health and traceability of production is increasing in the U.S., and Danish companies have a strong tradition in awareness of excellent and natural food and agricultural products. In 2014, the U.S., imported Danish food and agricultural products of approximately $787 million.

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