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Gehl Architects Named Transatlantic Company of the Year 2015!

Gehl Architects Named Transatlantic Company of the Year 2015!

On March 17, 2015 Danish Ambassador Peter Taksøe Jensen and U.S. Ambassador Rufus Gifford presented Gehl Architects as winner of the 2015 Transatlantic Company of the Year Award, at AmCham Denmark’s Annual Meeting and the Transatlantic Business Summit at Maersk Headquarters in Copenhagen.

The Danish Transatlantic Company of the Year Award recognizes the importance, contributions and positive impact of Danish companies actively investing in the United States. From a large pool of applicants, 8 finalists were nominated for their outstanding achievements in the U.S. market.

The jury, comprised of: Jørgen Bardenfleth (Chairman); Karsten Dybvad (CEO of DI); and Majken Schultz (Professor at CBS) selected Gehl Architects due to their innovative and sustainable thinking on how to transform the way urban spaces are designed in the United States today.

Jørgen Bardenfleth said: “It is very positive and encouraging for others to see the Danish design thinking being successful on the big scene in the U.S. – including in New York and San Francisco. When ideas are strong enough, even a smaller company can make a break-through in a big market as the U.S.

Helle Søholt, Founding Partner of Gehl Architects, expressed her gratitude for the award as recognition of their extensive work in the U.S. market. She defined Gehl Architects as a company that, since the beginning in 2000, has had a strong export focus and that the establishment of new offices in New York and San Francisco last year meant a further strengthening of the ties to customers and partners across the Atlantic.



Helle Søholt noted: “We export not only knowledge but also a process – an “idealistic pragmatic” approach – that include clients and citizens in the transformation of their cities. This has lead Gehl to become synonymous with planning for people, and this in turn helps to make Danish innovative solutions within sustainable urban development more visible.

Stephen Brugger, Executive Director of AmCham Denmark also expressed his view of this years winner: “With this award, AmCham highlights the importance of the transatlantic economic relationship for Denmark. And even if Gehl cannot boast thousands of jobs, they have an enormous impact simply by the strength of their ideas.” He continues: “We all love to talk about innovation, but what that really means is taking the best ideas available and putting them to use in a new area. We like to think about this award as a celebration of “bringing ideas across the Atlantic”, and that’s exactly what Gehl is doing.



The American Danish Business Council (ADBC) partnered with AmCham Denmark to announce Gehl Architects as the Transatlantic Company of the Year 2015.

About Gehl Architechts

Gehl Architechts is a global research and design consultancy, focusing on the relationship between the built environment and people’s quality of life. They provide assistance in the planning and design of cities, districts, communities, streets and spaces. In March 2014, Gehl Architects expanded to the U.S. with new studios in New York and San Francisco. Gehl Studio is continuously growing – and has doubled its revenue in 2015 to nearly $3 million. Gehl Studio is currently working on projects in over 10 US cities.

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