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Greetings from the Ambassador

Greetings from the Ambassador

It is an honor for me to have been given the opportunity to represent Denmark in the United States. Denmark and the United States have enjoyed constant diplomatic relations since 1801 – and consular relations since 1792.

I look forward to working with the US Government to build on the strong relationship between our countries. Likewise, I will be working closely with the American-Danish Business Council to support the Council’s efforts to increase and promote trade and investment between Denmark and the US. I intend to continue the work to bring ever increasing value to the members of ADBC.

There will be an ADBC board meeting on October 15th to discuss ways of continuing to create more value for the members and to increase the membership base. I am sure many concrete ideas will come from that meeting and I look forward to sharing those with you in the next newsletter. I have already begun discussions with the co-chair, Steve Williams, on ways of increasing sector activities.

Economic Diplomacy is also an important part of the agenda at the Embassy. I believe it is ever clearer to the Danish government – as well as many other governments – that economic relationships, as well as trade and investment between countries and geographic areas is one of the more important aspects of diplomacy. Therefore, more time and effort will be given to this important work – and ADBC will be a pillar on which to build.

We intend to intensify the crosscutting cooperation between Danish and American authorities – the administration as well as Congress – and integrate Danish-American businesses in that dialogue in order to ensure maximum effect of the economic diplomacy synergies that the Embassy and the Trade Council USA is uniquely positioned to facilitate. I look very much forward to this further development of our cooperation and the many innovative ideas and concrete results that will come out of it.

I look forward to working with ADBC to increase economic prosperity in Denmark and the US. Moreover, I agree with ADBC’s aim of raising the profile of Denmark in the US and enhancing the brand. I look forward to spending my time in Washington working to promote these goals.

I hope to meet all members of the American Danish Business Council in the weeks and months ahead.