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HDMS NIELS JUEL “Open for Business in Baltimore”

HDMS NIELS JUEL “Open for Business in Baltimore”

11th-14th of November, the Danish export organization Naval Team Denmark, in cooperation with the Danish Embassy in Washington, D.C., hosted a wide range of U.S. and Canadian business and government contacts on board the Royal Danish Navy vessel HDMS NIELS JUEL in Baltimore and Halifax.

As representatives of a strong Danish maritime tradition, Naval Team Denmark was able to use the ship as a platform for U.S. partners to acquaint themselves with modern and efficient Danish shipbuilding. Naval Team Denmark represents 13 Danish suppliers and 2 foreign affiliated members, which all benefit from a close relationship with the Royal Danish Navy. While the Navy offers demonstrations of ships, onboard equipment, training programs and logistic support schemes, Naval Team Denmark offer partnerships and assistance in transfer of technology.

Planning of the events associated with the visit by HDMS NIELS JUEL to Baltimore and Halifax in November began six months prior to this in close partnership between the Danish Embassy in Washington D.C., Naval Team Denmark and the Danish Navy. This partnership gave fourteen Danish companies the opportunity to exhibit their products to U.S. and Canadian business partners in the helicopter hangar.

In cooperation with its partners, the Embassy put together an impressive program with a wide range of tours of the ship, working lunches, a two-day seminar, select group briefings, receptions, etc., with business and governments partners. On board, the Danish Chief of Defense, General Peter Bartram, and Ambassador to the U.S. Peter Taksøe-Jensen greeted guests, such as the U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command, the American Society of Naval Engineers, U.S. Navy League, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Merchant Academy, and many more.



About Naval Team Denmark

Beginning with an idea in the Danish Parliament, Naval Team Denmark was established 22 years ago, in 1992, due to a worldwide interest in the unique modular shipbuilding concept, called Standard Flex, to ensure mission flexibility, cost-efficiency and robustness of the Royal Danish Navy.

Two years ago, the Danish Minister of Defense launched a new initiative called “Open for Business”. The aim of this initiative was to allow the Danish Armed Forces to support Danish industry in stimulating exports, when convenient and appropriate, to ensure growth and employment in Denmark.

Over the last 22 years Naval Team Denmark has assisted member companies in marketing and promotion of products, systems and knowhow to navies and coast guards abroad. Member companies are typically major Danish suppliers to the Royal Danish Navy but also include foreign affiliated members.