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Increased member satisfaction with ADBC

Increased member satisfaction with ADBC

In this and the coming newsletters, we will feature an article series focusing on the benefits of being a ADBC member, seen from a member perspective. In this first article, we will focus on the two Danish companies Terma who produce military equipment and the shipping giant Maersk.
We have asked Jay Bonitt, Vice President US Government Affairs in Maersk and Steve Williams, President and CEO in Terma North America to describe some of the reasons they are a ADBC member

Aligned Danish companies

For Jay Bonitt the ADBC provides a platform for cooperation, and he highlights the advantage of cooperating with other Danish companies.
“Membership provides an opportunity to hear about the issues and priorities of other Danish companies, and to work in tandem on issues facing Danish companies when our interests are aligned. Working with the embassy and other Danish companies strengthens efforts to get Members of Congress to join the Congressional Friends of Denmark Caucus.”

Access to important actors

Both Maersk and Terma agree that ADBC is the perfect venue for meeting important political – and business actors from both Denmark and the US. Trough ADBC companies gain access to the Danish Ambassador, Danish ministers, and senior members of the US congress, and this allows companies to be aware of the Danish government’s Washington priorities and vice versa.

Steve Williams, President and CEO of Terma North America

As Steve Williams from Terma writes: “ADBC memberships allows Terma leadership to communicate with senior Members of the US Congress and US Administration at ADBC sponsored events. ADBC provides companies such as Terma with an exceptional opportunity to engage multiple times each year with cabinet-level officials, including the Foreign, Defense, Innovation and Business Affairs, and Labor ministries. Those engagements assist with growing Danish business interests in the US, sustaining high tech jobs in both Denmark and the US, and promote Danish-US collaboration, joint research and development, and combined efforts to export.”

ADBC is a great partner

For Terma, ADBC does not just set the venue for meeting important political actors, “From pharma, life sciences, security, IT, and furniture, to food products, and even craft beers, the ADBC is a great partner for Danish industry. The ADBC is always ready to listen and always ready to assist and engage” Steve Williams, Terma.

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