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Introducing the Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Team

Introducing the Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Team

Troels Mandel Vensild is the new Minister Counsellor of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries at the Embassy. He has 14 years of experience from within Government institutions on Food and Agriculture in Denmark. Before joining the Embassy in August 2017, Troels was Head of Division for International Trade at The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration from 2013 to July 2017. Troels was lead negotiator for market access for live animals, food, feed, etc. to markets such as China, Japan, Russia, South Africa, Colombia and other emerging markets in especially South East Asia and South America.

Previous positions include serving as Attaché at the Danish EU-representation in Brussels and President of the Council Working Group on Fisheries, from 2008 until 2012. He has also served at the staff of two Ministers.

Moreover, he holds a Master in political science from The University of Copenhagen and a BA in history from The University of Southern Denmark.

In his position as team leader for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries at the embassy, Troels will use his extensive experience in international trade and knowledge of the Danish Food Cluster to assist Danish companies in the US as well as to ensure close relations with relevant government agencies.

As of April 1st, 2017, Tine Hasling Rasmussen has been Commercial Advisor of Food Agriculture and Fisheries at the Embassy. Tine is the team’s commercial specialist and has a commercial background, specialized in business development and innovation on a global scale. This includes various positions within the Danish Trade Council under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark as well as several stays abroad of longer periods.

Tine holds a M.Sc. in Management of Innovation and Business Development and a B.Sc. in Business Administration and Service Management, both obtained from Copenhagen Business School.

In her position as Commercial Advisor her focus is on assisting Danish companies enter or accelerate their business on the US market.

Economic Diplomacy – Global Public Affairs

One of the teams main tasks is to make sure that Danish interests are high on the agenda of the US Administration. The team maintains very good relations with the USDA and other Government entities such as USTR, FDA, FSIS and APHIS. The team also works through Committees on Capitol Hill in both the Senate and the House as well as think tanks, and other institutions. The excellent relationships allows for access and influence, in the end benefiting Danish interests and companies.

Another big task for the team is to facilitate Danish/American partnerships that are beneficial to both parties and lead Danish companies in the right direction on new markets. The team can help grow the business by mapping out relevant stakeholders.

Staying on top of legislation is crucial for Danish food and AG-industry companies with existing or potential export to the US, and is another area where the team can assist.



Troels Mandel Vensild

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Tine Hasling Rasmussen

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