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Minister for Environment and Food visits New York

Minister for Environment and Food visits New York

For the third year running food festival North, the largest celebration of Nordic cuisine outside of Northern Europe, came to New York City for six days from September 23rd-28th. Dubbed “the most influential gastronomy movement since the 1960s”, New Nordic Cuisine has had a huge impact on the world’s dining scene since it arrived 10 years ago.

In September the Danish Minister for Environment and Food, Eva Kjer Hansen, visited New York to highlight Danish gastronomy and Danish culinary entrepreneurs in the U.S., including a new Nordic Food Hall in Grand Central Station, opening in spring 2016. Claus Meyer, a celebrated chef, author and food activist, is passionate about promoting Nordic food and culture within the US. His opening of the Nordic food hall in New York City will undoubtedly help promote Danish products. The Trade Council plans to help promote Danish products in relation to the opening of the food hall.

The US is particularly important because it is the world’s largest consumer market, especially in regard to food and produce. Therefore, it is no wonder that Danish businesses are keen to do business in the US. Exports within food and agriculture make up approximately 10 per cent of Danish exports to the US. Companies and the Danish Government are working on increasing these numbers even further. Minister Hansen took part in a roundtable with American and Danish companies to discuss the opportunities for export to the US and attracting foreign investments to Denmark. Overall the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agreement (TTIP) was discussed as a helpful measure to ensure and increase future collaboration between Denmark and the US – especially in regard to food and life science.. Furthermore Danish values, such as clean produce, organic goods, animal welfare, use of fewer antibiotics and high quality products are valued in the US.

The Minister also met with Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Krysta Harden on Friday September 25th to discuss the status of TTIP and its ramifications when completed. They agreed that several areas will be difficult issues in negotiations but the opportunities for both sides are immense. Another area of discussion was the rules and regulations around the export of Danish organic animal products.

The Danish participation at North was in collaboration with VisitDenmark, The Consulate General of Denmark and the FOOD Organization of Denmark.