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New Oil & Gas cluster enters the Trade Council US

New Oil & Gas cluster enters the Trade Council US

The Oil & Gas cluster is now established at the Trade Council of Denmark in Atlanta to support one of the 23 growth initiatives to increase Danish exports to the US by 25 percent by the end of 2016. The new team within the Trade Council US will work to assist Danish companies to supply into the US Oil & Gas industry and has been developed in collaboration with the Danish business community.

Atlanta is a world-renowned city of business: ranked third in the USA for headquarters of Fortune 500 companies, behind New York City and Houston. The Trade Council Atlanta has tremendous experience supporting Danish industrial exports and is staffed well to help the new Oil & Gas cluster members.  Atlanta’s close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico is another great fit. The regional location and industrial experience is crucial as the cluster targets companies that service and support the Oil & Gas industry, not direct Danish exporters of Oil & Gas.

Mid-sized companies benefit the most from using the Trade Council and it is on them the cluster has chosen to focus. The selected companies are already exporting and have an innovative product or possess deep experience.  The US market is highly competitive but values innovation and strong experience or know how. The Oil & Gas cluster will work to bring this value to the US market.

For more information contact: Senior trade advisor, Oil & Gas, Paul B. Richardson / PAURIC@UM.DK