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Public Procurement event at the World Bank

Public Procurement event at the World Bank

Benchmarking Public Procurement

October 19th, 2015

The World Bank Group has embarked on a project to benchmark public procurement in 77 economies around the world. Using internationally accepted principles, the benchmarking project seeks to provide comparable data comparing practices in varying economies to facilitate evidenced based decisions.

Public procurement constitutes one-fifth of world domestic product. Public procurement drives competitiveness and growth but also can set priorities, like sustainability and green procurement. The benchmarking project promotes good procurement practices and aims to make it easier for medium and small private companies to do business in these economies.

The project uses a standard questionnaire and covers the four phases of procurement – i.e., preparing, submitting, obtaining and managing a bid. The project will be ramped up now to cover 189 economies and will give a clearer picture of the practices across the world.