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Royal Consulate General Opens in Texas

Royal Consulate General Opens in Texas

A new Danish Consulate General will open in Houston, Texas, come late April, and will be the first Danish representation in the South. The opening is a result of increased commercial activities, which is why the Consulate will feature a Trade Council, aiming to build and strengthen the ties of trade and investment between Denmark and the South.

The opening of the new Consulate General in Houston is a part of a greater strategy for the Danish presence in the US. As Texas, measured separately from the US, is the world’s 10th largest economy and has 28 million citizens, there are immense opportunities for trade and growth. The Consulate will work actively on promoting business within the sectors of energy and environment, healthcare and maritime. With Texas’ size and dynamic growth, there is a great potential for Danish companies on the US market.

The new Consul General and Trade Commissioner is Jacob Vind, who was previously Head of Water Technology Alliance at the Trade Council in North America. Vind comes with profound knowledge and experience from working with Danish companies in the US, and he will be joined by a team of highly skilled advisors to stand by him.

Denmark is already present with consulates in Chicago and New York, as well as the Embassy in Washington DC. Another addition to the strategy for Denmark in the US is to open a consulate by the Innovation Centre in Silicon Valley, whilst closing the existing consulate in Atlanta. The changes are reflecting the development in the US market, as the activity on the East Coast is still increasing. The office in Silicon Valley will continue as an Innovation Centre, but will now also include consular assistance. You can earn more on Denmark in the US here

Learn more about Jacob Vind’s ambitions for the Consulate in Houston below: