December 14th was yet another eventful evening at the Embassy – a 3-in-1 event was held combining the ADBC Annual Meeting, the DC Sustainability Awards and a live performance by the 16 piece military brass band, SMUK.

SMUK is an abbreviation and wordplay for ‘et Slesvigske Musikkorps’. It was founded in the South of Jutland in the beginning of the 20th century. The word ‘smuk’ means beautiful in Danish. The band, although a military marching band, also plays modern tunes and several Big Band songs with famous artists all over the world.

The orchestra was invited to Washington DC to play alongside the ‘Presidents Own Band’ in the Marine Barracks close to the Jefferson Memorial. Before playing at the Embassy, SMUK discounted the effects of jetlag and only wanted to make the ‘SMUK’ experience as festive as possible. Despite a tight schedule, their enthusiasm for playing made the Embassy event extremely festive and enjoyable.

Starting off, both the Danish and American national anthem were played, followed by joyful and well known Christmas tunes, including American and traditional Danish songs.

The SMUK band playing in the residence of the Ambassador

The performance rounded up the row of events at the Embassy and nicely capped off a round of seasonal events leading up to Christmas.