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Summer Status letter ADBC

Summer Status letter ADBC

Dear ADBC members,

We would like to wish you all a very happy summer with this bi-annual status update from ADBC. We have achieved a number of milestones and made several changes to ADBC during this year. The development and success of our business network is due to our fantastic members and we would not be able to expand at the pace we are without your support. Therefore we would like to take this opportunity to share with you the achievements and developments within ADBC so far. We have great ambitions for our business council and with your support and feedback these ambitions can be met.

First of all we would like to present you with an event calendar of all the events that we have hosted in 2016 so far as a reminder of our progress. We are happy to see so many of our members attend our events. We encourage all our members to contact us if they have input for future events or activities that would contribute to the council’s growth and facilitate further business activities benefitting the whole council.


One of our most significant achievements this year has been the significant increase of ADBC’s membership base. We are delighted that so many American and Danish companies want to be part of our council and reap the benefits that we provide. Our council now includes prominent members from sectors within Energy & Environment, Defense, Food & Agriculture, Maritime and Healthcare & Life Sciences. With the backing of these members we are able to provide the services that we do, which include sector specific roundtables, seminars and high-level receptions hosted at the Embassy as well as knowledge and information sharing between our members.

We are proud that this year has had such a great start, and with events such as our Friends of Denmark Caucus hosted at the U.S Capitol which was attended by several U.S congressmen and the Danish Prime Minister himself, we couldn’t wish for much more.

As part of ADBC, we are happy to be able to provide exclusive opportunities like these to enable our members to expand their business and network portfolios.


We have made a number of changes to the administrative part of ADBC. This includes the introduction of our new secretariat, Lina Gandløse Hansen, who has taken over ADBC responsibilities from our departed colleague Mary Paul.

We have been going through a process of optimization since the departure of our colleague Mary Paul and have been optimizing many internal processes with the help of our treasurer Ben Walker.

Therefore Lina is the new Executive Secretary of ADBC and all enquiries regarding activities and affairs should be directed to her.

With the beginning of a new era for ADBC so too does the old pave way for the new and we are happy to remind members of the launch of our new online-payment system which enables ADBC members to pay their membership fees online. The website supports most major credit cards and payment links are included on all our invoices.


We look forward to the 2nd half of 2016. All eyes will be on our next major event, the export promotional event spearheaded by the Royal Crown Prince Couple in September, who will be visiting Washington D.C. and Boston respectively. More than 60 Danish companies will be accompanying the Royal Crown Prince Couple on the tour, aiming to gain exposure and establish themselves on the American market. Many of the participating companies are current ADBC members.

We have a number of up-coming events, and we encourage you to stay updated on our website and via our newsletter with regards to what events and activities are of interest and relevance to your company.

Remember to subscribe to our bi-monthly newsletter and join our LinkedIn page where we encourage members to interact and network on our online platform.

Please click here for the event calendar

We wish you all a pleasant summer!


Kindest regards

American-Danish Business Council.