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Taking on California’s drought with Danish water solutions

Taking on California’s drought with Danish water solutions

Exploring new territory.

The Trade Council of Denmark has launched a new initiative with the establishment of an additional  Water Technology Alliance (WTA) in California.

Danish Water companies are hoping to enter the U.S. market through California. They view this as a mutually beneficial venture as California has been suffering from drought for the past 4 years. Californian authorities are intent on increasing their sustainable water solutions and the Danish Water Technology Alliance is seeking to fulfil that need.

A grant of DKK4.1 billion from the Danish Industry Foundation to Aarhus Water has been allocated to pave the way for a number of Danish companies in the water technology hoping to get a foot into California. The initiative is set to create up to 4000 new jobs in the region.

“We are already active in the United States and have experience from other sustainable water projects, for example from Chicago, where we share knowledge about wastewater technology” said CEO Lars Schroeder from Aarhus Water.If the project proceeds with the desired effect of facilitating close business cooperation and increased export, we hope that the projects methodology can be transferred to other branches and areas.

Citations take from: Jakob Andersen Trade Commissioner and Consul General, Chicago

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