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Upcoming Events for ADBC

Upcoming Events for ADBC

The new Ambassador arrives August 15th 2015 and ADBC is planning several events around his first few months as Ambassador. Although we do not have firm dates yet we welcome the input of members and friends of ADBC. These are your events and your input and assistance is not only welcome but necessary to the success of the organization. If you have any other suggestions, please let us know.

Some of the planned upcoming events are briefly described below (changes may follow):

Søren Hermansen Road Trip (Fall): In addition to the event in Charleston with Hero of the Environment, Søren Hermansen, ADBC is planning an event at the Press Club in Washington and a Twitter Town Hall. We also expect to arrange events in San Francisco, Denver, and potentially Houston and Austin. Other locations may be included later.

The Annual Congressional Friends of Denmark Caucus (Fall): The third annual Caucus event is planned for the fall when the caucus is re-established. It is an opportunity for the new Ambassador to meet the caucus and network with members of Congress.

Congressional event (Fall): We intend to cooperate with members who have expressed interest in helping organize the event that would focus on the work of this Congress and what to expect going forward.

ADBC’s Annual Meeting (Late fall): Speaker and venue TBA

Roundtable with members from Associated Chambers (Fall): A discussion following up on a meeting with the President of the Northern California chamber regarding the collaboration between the chambers and ADBC.

Business Opportunities in the Artic (Fall/spring): This would be done in connection with the Representative from Greenland and might include collaboration from Alaska as well.