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A New Chapter in Danish-American Cultural collaboration

A New Chapter in Danish-American Cultural collaboration

We are pleased to announce that Denmark on May 3rd launched a new cultural strategy focusing on the United States. The inauguration of this new chapter of exchange between Denmark and the USA took place at the Nordic Museum in Seattle. HRH the Crown Princess, Mary, and the Foreign Minister of Denmark, Anders Samuelsen, spearheaded the initiative.

By this initiative, The Danish Ministry for Culture seeks to support cultural and art export to American citizens beyond Washington D.C and New York. Therefore, the activities coming from this strategy will focus on Seattle, Houston, Austin, Los Angeles, Detroit and Chicago. The intention is to get in touch with local actors and communities and help facilitate opportunities for Danish artists throughout the United States.

In Seattle, the Danish Foreign Minister officially launched the first concrete project, a collaboration between the Seattle-based radio, KEXP, and Music Export Denmark (MXD) about promotion of Danish artists. KEXP has dedicated listeners worldwide. MXD supports Danish artists to travel to  Seattle, and KEXP will also report from Danish music festivals over the summer.

The cultural strategy is already off to an impressive start with many more exciting opportunities ahead in the next three years.