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Signing of Wastewater Flagship Project in Chicago

Signing of Wastewater Flagship Project in Chicago

In April, The Danish Minister of Environment and Food visited Chicago to meet with Deputy Governor of Illinois Leslie Munger and Deputy Mayor of Chicago Robert S. Rivkin.

One purpose of the trip was to promote Danish water solutions. A significant upgrade of the aging and troubled water infrastructure in the US is needed – investments of around $743 billion over the next 20 years according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. There is a big potential for Danish companies – which have excelled in optimizing both drinking water and wastewater technology – to be part of that.

The Minister also had the chance to meet with the Danish Water Technology Alliance, which has been very successful in cooperating with US water utilities. The Water Technology Alliance provides a full range of services to Danish water technology companies that wish either to enter the North American market or to further grow their US presence and activities. The alliance organise workshops, country-to-country fact-finding missions, an engage in general collaboration and knowledge sharing with US water and wastewater utilities.

While being in Chicago, the Minister of Environmental and Food had the chance to participate in the signing of a new wastewater Flagship Project between the Water Technology Alliance and Downers Grove Sanitary District. The agreement recognized the new wastewater treatment centre as Flagship with regards to optimization of processes, using Danish methods and technologies energy optimization. Plant processes will be retrofitted according to Danish experiences and workflows and contain Danish components whenever possible and feasible. For each individual work process in the project, DGSD will enter into sub contracts with the respective Danish companies.

District signs Wastewater Flagship Project agreement with WTA