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ADBC and the Danish Embassy hosted the Annual Constitution Day Celebration

ADBC and the Danish Embassy hosted the Annual Constitution Day Celebration

On June 15, the Embassy of Denmark in partnership with the American-Danish Business Council hosted its first in-person reception in over a year – The Danish Constitution Day Celebration. The reunion of good friends of Denmark in festive physical settings was a welcomed indication that the unusual situation we all have been living under for over a year, will soon be history.

Many dear friends of Denmark showed up to take part in the celebration, including a number of Congressmen, officials from all branches of the government, company representatives, and members of the ADBC. Guests enjoyed the nice DC summer weather and atmosphere from the Ambassadors residence with signature cocktails and Nordic cuisine to the tunes of live jazz music.

Ambassador Wisborg greeted everyone welcome and proceeded to highlight the great American-Danish relationship, emphasizing that, despite implications of Covid, two US Secretaries of State has been visiting Denmark in the past year. This speaks to the fact that our relationship is stronger than ever. After her opening remarks, the Ambassador welcomed Republican co-chair of the Congressional Friends of Denmark Caucus, Congressman Fred Upton to the stage to provide his remarks on the long-standing relationships between the US and Denmark. Hereafter, Congressman Dan Kildee took the floor and stressed the importance of our relationship and shared values on many fundamental issues of society and democracy.

After the insightful keynotes, guests continued to enjoy the evening and connected with other guests over refreshing drinks, music and tasteful food.

Thank you to all that participated in the event. We are grateful for all who came to celebrate this day with us and we look forward to many other occasions to meet again soon.