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ADYP focusing on gender diversity in corporate governance

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ADYP focusing on gender diversity in corporate governance

On January 21, the American-Danish Young Professionals (ADYP) and the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce (SACC) hosted the an event at the World Bank Group focusing on diversity in corporate governance and female leadership. Good corporate governance helps firms improve performance, drive growth, manage risks, attract and retain investors, and weather financial crises.

At the event, Corporate Governance Officer from the International Financial Corporation (IFC) Loty R. Salazar and her team gave a presentation of female leadership. A growing body of research shows a range of business benefits associated with gender diversity on boards and in senior leadership. Loty and her team run a worldwide program focusing on woman on boards and in business. They are contributing to building capacity, raising awareness, and adding to the knowledge base on the value of gender-diverse boards and business leadership in emerging and frontier markets.

The audience made it an insightful experience with great discussions such as parental leave, child care, and getting themselves on senior management positions at the same time. After the presentation, the Young Professionals had a networking session to socialize and share common interests.