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New digital services due to impacts of COVID-19

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New digital services due to impacts of COVID-19

As a result of the current situation that prevents us from carrying out our planned physical activities in the American-Danish Business Council, we have decided to pursue other (digital) means of creating value for our members. Hence, we are launching three new initiatives that we hope you will appreciate and take part in.

Monthly virtual briefings by the Danish Embassy and other relevant stakeholders
Starting May 1, we will be hosting virtual meetings on key topics with various stakeholders. The first event on May 1 will be led by Congressman Tom Cole, who will provide his insight into the current affairs in US politics with a special emphasis on the coronavirus.

We encourage you to reach out to the ADBC if you have any ideas or requests as to whom you would like to speak and what topics to discuss in this meeting series. For any suggestions please send an email to

SoMe promotion of members
Through the Danish Embassy’s many online media channels, member organizations will now have the opportunity to receive free of charge exposure on stories that in one way or the other shed light in an otherwise serious and difficult situation. As an example, this could be a story about how a member organization is helping out in the fight against COVID-19.

ADBC’s COVID-19 Knowledge Exchange group In order for our members to keep updated on impacts and implications of the pandemic, we have created a LinkedIn group that members can join. Here we encourage members to make posts on questions/implications/issues/solutions/ideas/requests etc. in relation to COVID-19. The goal is then to create a knowledge pool that members can tap into whenever a need appears. We believe that by standing together and sharing what we know, we all come out stronger.

To join the group please follow this link.

We hope that we will all be able to meet again soon and until then we will continue to work towards our common objective of creating lasting economic relations between Denmark and the US.