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Ambassador Peter Taksoe-Jensen Speaks at LEO Pharma Reception

Ambassador Peter Taksoe-Jensen Speaks at LEO Pharma Reception

Left to right: John Koconis, President & CEO, Leo Pharma Inc., Mrs. Pam Werschler, Ambassador Peter Taksoe-Jensen, and Dr. Phil Werschler

Ambassador Taksøe-Jensen was the keynote speaker at a reception hosted by LEO Pharma for leading dermatologists attending the annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology  in Denver, Colorado in March.

Ambassador Taksøe-Jensen described the healthcare system in Denmark and how it has led to a number of strengths such as: an uncomplicated system with access for all, low administrative costs and physician fees, and where, most importantly, patient satisfaction is high.

The Ambassador remarked that Leo Pharma exemplifies the Danish approach to healthcare with a focus on innovation, dedication to quality of care and emphasis on listening to patients. Stressing the latter point, Taksøe-Jensen closed saying that …” By constantly getting feedback on how we can do better, we can strive to achieve the goal of better health care for all of our citizens:”