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Congressional Reception

Congressional Reception


The second annual Friends of Denmark Caucus reception was again a great success – with attendance far more than the 200 participants from last year. Several ADBC companies were represented and former Ambassador Laurie Fulton, Chair of the ADBC Honorary Advisory Board and former Ambassador Stuart Bernstein, member of the ADBC Honorary Advisory Board, were also in attendance.

Ambassador Taksoe-Jensen, Congressman Steny H. Hoyer, Ambassador Laurie Fulton

Congressman Hoyer lauded Denmark for being one of the US’s strongest allies – in the top five. He also commended the Ambassador on being an exemplary representative of the country.

As promised, there were many happy Danes from the Embassy, great food and beer (again supplied by Shelton Brothers). It was a great opportunity to make new connections and promulgate the many wonders of Denmark with all its merits.

There was a video showing the streets of Copenhagen with its many bikers, the Royal sights and the relaxed Danish life style. The Ambassador remarked it made him homesick – as it did many others as well. It was also a nice introduction for those who have never visited Denmark. The Danish music accompanying the video also gave a taste of some of Denmark’s traditional sounds.

The event demonstrated that Denmark is the “Happiest Place on Earth” and Danes are always glad to share their happiness with others. Moreover, it showed that Denmark is a thriving, innovative and healthy country taking on the issues – like climate change and converting to a green economy – that face the world today.