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Denmark Awarded International Energy Efficiency Prize

Denmark Awarded International Energy Efficiency Prize

The Alliance to Save Energy’s EE Global Forum, the world’s premiere energy efficiency forum, honored Denmark at the 2014 EE Visionary Awards in Washington, DC. To receive the award, Ambassador Taksoe-Jensen was accompanied by ADBC member companies working in the field of energy efficiency.

The judging committee said that Denmark’s efforts to reduce its consumption of energy both nationally and internationally should serve as a beacon to the rest of the world. The jury spotlighted Denmark’s progressive approach to energy efficiency, noting that the Danish energy consumption has not increased since 1980, while the economy grew by nearly 80 percent over the same period.

Peter Taksoe-Jensen, Ambassador of Denmark to the US, accepted the award on behalf of Denmark. “For the past 40 years ambitious energy policies have been a high priority for changing Danish governments. The result of this energy consensus is a significant reduction in the dependence on fossil fuels, as well as a high degree of environmental protection,” said Ambassador Taksoe-Jensen.

Although Denmark is already a world leader in energy efficiency, there remains substantial potential for even greater reductions in energy use. Consumption will be reduced by another 12 percent by 2020, as part of the 2012 energy agreement.

The Danish energy companies are playing an active role through guidance and financial support in helping consumers find ways to cut back on energy use. A number of Danish ADBC companies, such as Danfoss, Roxul, Cowi, Grundfos and Novozymes,showed their support by participating in the event. The companies were praised for their innovative technologies to create the solutions we need to enter a green future.

Left to right: Fleming Voetmann, Danfoss; Michael Davidsen, Cowi; John Galyen, Danfoss; Ambassador Peter Taksoe-Jensen; Robert Wilkins, Danfoss; Leslie Mclaren, Roxul; Chris Bender, Novozymes; Liza Tryson, Danfoss; Jesse Ander, Grundfos

“As the first country in the world, we have now decided to become a green growth economy. By 2050 we will be entirely independent of coal and oil and gas, and we will have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions significantly,” said Ambassador Taksoe-Jensen. “I hope to prove that policies supporting energy efficiency and the environment have endless benefits. Denmark aims to serve as a model for other countries across the world and is grateful to be acknowledged with this prestigious EE Visionary Award.”

The EE Visionary Award is given annually at the Energy Efficiency Global Forum, which is organized by the Alliance to Save Energy, a group made up of international companies and organizations working to promote energy efficiency.

The judging committee behind the EE Visionary Award is made up of 35 energy experts from around the world. The prize is awarded each year to those cities, regions, organizations or individuals who make extraordinary efforts in the energy sector.

Along with Denmark, the committee praised Lee Jong-Cheol for his work in urban planning and energy efficiency in the South Korean city of Songdo City in Incheon Province. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former governor of California, received an award for his work to advance energy efficiency during his tenure as Governor of California and through his non-profit Regions 20.