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Go follow ‘Denmark in USA’ on LinkedIn

Go follow ‘Denmark in USA’ on LinkedIn

We just launched a joint LinkedIn business page for the Danish missions in the US: Embassy of Denmark in the United States, the Consulate Generals, Trade Council North America and Invest in Denmark.

Please share your stories with us to post on LinkedIn.

The name of the new LinkedIn page is ‘Denmark in USA’.Our aim is to promote Danish export as well as foreign investment in Denmark and bringing together trade and innovation. With the joint LinkedIn page we want to facilitate connections, share knowledge and create workplaces in the United States.

“We call economic diplomacy front and centre of everything we do. This means that everybody employed here at the embassy and around the country at the Consulate Generals support Danish Export to the US and support American investments to Denmark. It’s the most essential thing that we do here in the US,” Lars Gert Lose, Ambassador and Chairman of Trade Council North America.

On ‘Denmark in USA’, we will be exposing stories relevant for trade, investments and innovation. Go follow the page today for the latest news and please share your success stories with us at any time. We might also repost stories from your company LinkedIn profile on ‘Denmark in the USA’.