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New Danish Innovation Center opens in Boston

New Danish Innovation Center opens in Boston

The Danish Trade Council opens a new Innovation Center with focus on Life Science

Denmark opens a new Innovation Center in Boston which will be a liaison for Danish researchers and companies and ease the way to important American partners in this vibrant region. Initially, the innovation center will specialize in Health and Life Science, and support Danish researchers and companies in maintaining their world-class position within this area.

The Trade Council wishes to make it easier for Danish researchers and SMEs to contact partners from the world’s leading research environments, notably Harvard and MIT. Danish research is elevated and good ideas become great ones, when we collaborate with the best in the world. An innovation centre in Boston will reduce the distance between Denmark and the USA so that we can create the right kind of contacts and bring relevant knowledge and new technology home to Denmark.

“In addition to a strong research environment, Boston has a large medical and pharmaceutical industry and is an attractive environment for entrepreneurs. The centre in Boston will give ambitious Danish start-ups and growth companies valuable access to partners and financing, which can help them upscale and pave the way for their further international growth. So that they can be the Danish export success stories of tomorrow,” says Minister for Foreign Affairs Anders Samuelsen.

Massachusetts has from 2008 to 2018 been committed to spending $1 billion to jump-start the life sciences sector and in 2017, Governor Baker decided to dedicate $500 million more over five years to continue this effort. Boston’s Longwood Medical Area – mostly associated with Harvard University – represents a world-class campus area within health with more than 46,000 scientists, researchers, and staff, and over 21,000 students studying at institutions and hospitals. In nearby Cambridge, the so-called “most innovative square mile on the planet,” Kendall Square – mostly associated with MIT and equally famous for being a biotech and life science hub – has $14 billion venture capital under investment.

The Danish innovation centers in the USA

With the new innovation center in Boston, Denmark will now have two innovation centers in the USA (the other one being in Silicon Valley) – building bridges between Danish research, higher education programs, companies and some of the leading innovation and growth environments in the US.

The centres help introduce Danish education and research institutions, as well as companies, to the latest local knowledge, technology, relevant networks, collaborative partners and financing.