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Greetings from the Ambassador

Greetings from the Ambassador

Dear Members of American-Danish Business Council

As we start 2018 off with great expectations and high ambitions, it is with the greatest pleasure I share this ADBC newsletter with you.

A main priority for 2018 is the exciting establishments of Royal Consulates General in both Houston and Silicon Valley. I believe it is important to be present where demand is, which is why the two new additions to the Danish presence in the US will be a great starting point for future collaborations. You can read more on our new Trade Council in Houston here, in order to understand what the trade mission can do for you.

Another addition to the Danish presence in the US is the announcement of the World’s first tech Ambassador, Mr. Casper Klynge. As development continuously evolve and business is being increasingly digitized, I hosted an event in collaboration with Mr. Klynge at the residence in start December. The interest for the event was overwhelming, serving as a clear testimony to the fact that the tech ambassador is a crucial addition to the present diplomatic scene. Read more on Klynge and his team here, in order to gain insights to the new techplomacy initiative.

Before the Holidays, I had the great pleasure to host the Christmas Cocktail Party at the residence. Once again, let me give a warm thanks to American-Danish Business Council for not only the funding and sponsoring, but also taking great part in the event. It is a true reflection of the dedication and contribution made to the network during the year. It is with the greatest pleasure I host these events and gather all friends of the Embassy. Read more on the event here.

Returning from the Holidays, 2018 took off with high pace as I had the honor to welcome minister for food and environment, Mr. Esben Lunde Larsen alongside with H.R.H. Princess Marie. During the visit, several activities revolved around reducing foodwaste, which you can read much more on here. This week I have the pleasure to welcome Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen to Washington DC, hosting a business luncheon for top tier Danish companies on the US market. As you can read more on here, the lunch was an important preparation for Mr. Samuelsen before his meeting with US Secretary of State, Mr. Rex Tillerson.

All members of ADBC can already now mark their calendar for the EU Open House on May 12th and the Danish Constitution Day celebration on June 5th. While we are fully busy with planning more activities to come, I look forward to seeing you throughout 2018. I am sure that the year will be another productive and fruitful one for ADBC, where we will reach new highs. We are off to a great start!


Ambassador Lars Lose