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Greetings from the Ambassador

Greetings from the Ambassador

Dear members of the American-Danish Business Council,
A few extraordinary first months as Denmark’s Ambassador to the United States and Chairman of the American-Danish Business Council have gone by – time flies when surrounded by professional and inspiring people in such a beautiful country. I have now had time to settle in, and I want to emphasize a couple of great events we have hosted in collaboration with the ADBC in my first month as Ambassador.

Above all, I want to thank you for the amazing celebration of the Danish Constitution Day hosted on June 3rd. The celebration was a clear statement of our two nation’s close and long-lasting ties – both politically, commercially and personally, and was a tribute to our brave veterans for their great service and sacrifices. With over 750 guests, it was a truly outstanding and convivial day, and it was only made possible because of the American-Danish Business Council’s members’ generous support. At the event I had the pleasure of meeting many of you in person and hopefully I will soon meet the rest of you.

In addition, earlier this year in May, several members of the ADBC also participated in the EU Open House at the Embassy of Denmark. Here, residents of Washington DC and other visitors were invited to experience Danish culture and its values with inspiring and fun stands and food booths all over the Embassy’s premises. With over 6,000 guests during the day, the event was an utmost success.

Going forward, I wish all of you a wonderful summer. After the summer break, we have many exciting events coming up. Among others, I will host a dinner for the members of the ADBC in the beginning of September. This event will allow for time to meet each other and discuss the ADBC network going forward, as well as expectations for the future to come. I hope you will join me for a joyful evening. More information will come to follow on this shortly.

Yours sincerely,
Lone Wisborg
Ambassador of Denmark to the US