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New Team Leader to the District Energy Alliance

New Team Leader to the District Energy Alliance

Niels Vilstrup is the new team leader of the District Energy Alliance (DEA) of the Energy & Environment Team at the Trade Council, and he looks forward to boosting Danish district heating solutions in North America. Having previously worked as an energy engineer with experience in market development and project sales in the U.S. and Canada, Niels will run the leading effort of Danish companies seeking to expand or establish their business within district heating and cooling technologies:

“A large number of Danish companies have for decades developed and implemented advanced, large and well functional district heating systems in Denmark and Europe, and are therefore frontrunners and world leading within the technology. Many of these companies are already utilizing their expertise and experiences in the North American market but still, the potential for developing and expanding the market further is enormous”, Niels Vilstrup explains.

The North American market for renewable energy production and environmentally friendly energy systems is expanding, which creates a wide array of opportunities for Danish energy companies. Vilstrup eyes great opportunities for Danish companies in North America, where the market is characterized by a large amount of waste energy from e.g. electricity production or utilities that can be utilized for heating and cooling purposes. Given his background and more than 9 years of experience within the power plant and district energy industry, Vilstrup highlights the importance of understanding the needs, technological barriers and challenges that Danish companies face when operating in North America. However, he sees Danish district energy technologies as the optimal solution to improve and modernize the existing energy utilities and to meet the raising demands for reducing GHG emissions.

For this reason, Vilstrup is excited about DEA collaborating with cities, utilities, universities, and the military defense, among others, on developing and executing modern district energy projects and adapt these technologies to the North American market.

“I am excited to be part of the dynamic, ambitious and highly skilled Trade Council Team. I will take a great pride in supporting the already existing strong focus on win-win synergies between Danish companies, and the rapidly expanding North American market for renewable energy production and environmentally friendly energy systems.” 

Reach Niels Vilstrup: or +1(202)797-5314