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Denmark at the forefront in the mHealth Summit in Washington D.C.

Denmark at the forefront in the mHealth Summit in Washington D.C.

Danish Minister for Health Astrid Krag, giving her key note speech

The 5th annual mHealth Summit conference brought together more than 5,500 healthcare and technology leaders to discuss over 4 days the latest innovations and thinking in the field of mobile healthcare technology. Denmark was well-represented with the Health Bridge 2013 delegation of more than 80 representatives from industry and public organizations and the presence of Danish Minister for Health Astrid Krag, as a keynote speaker.

In her remarks, the Minister highlighted the application of mobile technology already in use in Denmark and referred to its further application in patient engagement, improved chronic care services, and more health and wellness services within the national healthcare plan. The minister emphasized how digitization has improved and strengthened the communication between the various parts of the healthcare system in Denmark and therefore it significance in the national health care system.


While snow closed all federal buildings, the minister was still able to meet with Secretary Sebelius to discuss issues of common interest. Secretary Sebelius has been a central member in President Obama’s Administration since 2009, and a significant proponent in the passage of his Health Care reform package which has become one of the defining legacies of his presidency.

Minister Krag also met with healthcare experts from The Brookings Institution in a roundtable format that also included New York State’s Health Commissioner Nirav Shah. The Minister was updated on the current changes in the US healthcare system as a result of President Obama’s healthcare reform.